Presentation 2: Leadership: Building a Culture Based on ExtraOrdinary Respect

A Catholic Bishop presided over a celebration we had at St. Rose of Lima School where I started my first year as a principal. Bishop Henry spoke about our world right now and how it was not enough for us to show respect to each other and that if we were going to change the world, we had to show “extraordinary respect”. It was a revelation as I was searching for a mantra or philosophy to determine how I was going to lead and what kind of school I wanted to create. ExtraOrdinary Respect was born and it has evolved into a successful way of creating school culture to be proud of.

ExtraOrdinary Respect (ER) are just two words that sound kind of nice. This is true. Let me tell you in this presentation the journey of these two words and how it provided the necessary foundation to proudly serve students and staff. The evolution of these two words is 19 years and counting.

The first thing I had to do was define what ExtraOrdinary Respect (ER) means.

This is version 12: ER Means

1. Treating others better than you want to be treated.

2. For the right reason, do the right thing.

3. Accountability with integrity.

4. Think of others….. before yourself.

5. In Everything Give Thanks

This presentation describes how I implemented this philosophy and more importantly provides examples on what it means for school leaders, teachers, students, and parents.

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